Turn almost limitless amounts of bushfire data into decision-making intelligence


Supporting data-led decision making for Fire Services Agencies

Firetrail is a cloud-based data and Artificial Intelligence platform for managing bushfires. By using the latest cloud technology, Firetrail turns almost limitless amounts of bushfire data into decision-making intelligence. The cloud-based platform provides a single source of intelligence and insights for the prediction, management and prevention of bushfires.

Firetrail is easily customizable and it can be deployed rapidly to prepare for upcoming fire seasons.

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Firetrail map with predictions overlayed

Crunching all the data automatically

Machine Learning sits at the core of Firetrail's technical architecture, enabling the system to constantly learn, refine and adapt its models and to improve accuracy of insights and predictions over time.

ML models are further enhanced through bespoke geo-spatial mapping and data overlay tools, designed to marry and display live data sources such as weather and fire ignition information with static data sources, such as terrain, fuel load and critical infrastructure.

Firetrail overview of an incident

Supporting quick and informed decision-making

Firetrail enables the right information to be presented to the right people, at the right time. The system uses cutting-edge cloud technology to process bushfire datasets and to generate meaningful results that are clear and easy to understand.

Importantly, Firetrail offers "plug-and-play" APIs and automated workflow options for popular fire-spread prediction models, like CSIRO Spark and Phoenix RapidFire.

Firetrail dashboard listing incidents in progress

Future-proofing our fire fighting abilities

Firetrail is built in the cloud, making it robust and infinitely scalable for long term use.

It is versatile and accessible for everyone, including fire behaviour analysts, incident controllers and operations managers.

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Come visit us at AFAC 2021 to see a demonstration of Firetrail and to meet the Kablamo team.

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At Kablamo we make with heart and mind

Firetrail was developed by Australian technology company, Kablamo. Kablamo has deep experience in designing and building cloud-based software and data platforms for some of Australia’s largest enterprises and government organisations. This includes extensive work with a major state-based Fire Services agency, building a cloud-native and machine learning enabled bushfire predictions and risk assessment solution.